Monday, September 17, 2012

What is #NFOTD?

People who follow me on social networks might wonder what #nfotd means in some of my posts. Well first I’ll let you read about it from the person who created it, Cinematographer Cybel Martin
At some point during the day, I watch at least one film that I’ve never seen before. My Twitter friends know this as my #nfotd or “New Film of the Day”.  
The practice began in 2009. I was DP’ing a Bollywood inspired feature film for director, Arun Singh. He was educating me on Classic Indian/Bollywood films and recommended many films to watch. I had also befriended a ridiculously smart and visually savvy friend, Radhika Rai who gave me plenty of contemporary Indian films to watch. My exposure to and knowledge of Indian films was limited, so I promised myself to watch at least one a day. After a few weeks, I opened the practice to any film I'd not seen. The benefits of #nfotd can be another article. Briefly, they increase my visual vocabulary and options I can offer my directors. How do I find films? Netflix, Hulu, TV/Cable, the library (you can reserve DVDs), film screenings, screeners, theaters and YouTube.

Now I came across this @NotherBrother twitter account where I follow Cybel. I thought it was a clever hashtag for people like me, a filmmaker and student of cinema.

I tell people all the time I’ll watch ANY film for I’m a filmmaker and I think I can learn something from it. To that end I always seek out NEW films that I’ve never seen before. People are always surprised when I say I never saw *insert classic or highly regarded film here* “You never seen ________?” is the usual response. LOL. As hard as I try I can’t see every film and many of the ones people call “classics” I’ve never seen. So the hashtag #nfotd fits right in when I see a new film which nowadays seems to happen more than me rewatching a film.

I try to review as many films as I can. You can find my full reviews at the blogs:

I also try to post smaller more concise reviews at the movie review/info site Rotten Tomatoes here

People who follow me on Twitter will also usually get some additional on the spot commentary, but not much  during the film for I like to absorb the full experience because it is my first time ;-)

You can read the full article Cybel posted If I Am Not On Set, Do I Still Exist? How A DP Works When She’s Not Working here

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