Wednesday, October 11, 2017

LYRICS UNCENSORED Eminem's BET Hip Hop Awards Trump Rap [VIDEO]

Lyrics from CNN, I just uncensored them. Watch the VIDEO below and below that, the lyrics.

"It's the calm before the storm right here
    Wait, how was I gonna start this off?
    I forgot... oh, yeah
    That's an awfully hot coffee pot
    Should I drop it on Donald Trump? Probably not
    But that's all I got 'til I come up with a solid plot
    Got a plan and now I gotta hatch it
    Like a damn Apache with a tomahawk
    Imma walk inside a mosque on Ramadan
    And say a prayer that every time Melania talks
    She gets a mou... Ahh, Imma stop
    But we better give Obama props
    'Cause what we got in office now's a kamikaze
    That'll probably cause a nuclear holocaust
    And while the drama pops
    And he waits for shit to quiet down, he'll just gas his plane up and fly around 'til the bombing stops
    Intensities heightened, tensions are risin'
    Trump, when it comes to giving a shit, you're stingy as I am
    Except when it comes to having the bitches to go against me, you hide 'em
    'Cause you don't got the fucking nuts like an empty asylum
    Racism's the only thing he's fantastic for
    'Cause that's how he gets his fucking rocks off and he's orange
    Yeah, sick tan
    That's why he wants us to disband
    'Cause he cannot withstand
    The fact we're not afraid of Trump
    Fuck walkin' on egg shells, I came to stomp
    That's why he keeps screamin' 'Drain the swamp'
    'Cause he's in quicksand
    It's like we take a step forwards, then backwards
    But this is his form of distraction
    Plus, he gets an enormous reaction
    When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that
    Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada
    All these horrible tragedies and he's bored and would rather
    Cause a Twitter storm with the Packers
    Then says he wants to lower our taxes
    Then who's gonna pay for his extravagant trips
    Back and forth with his fam to his golf resorts and his mansions?
    Same shit that he tormented Hillary for and he slandered
    Then does it more
    From his endorsement of Bannon
    Support for the Klansmen
    Tiki torches in hand for the soldier that's black
    And comes home from Iraq
    And is still told to go back to Africa
    Fork and a dagger in this racist 94-year-old grandpa
    Who keeps ignoring our past historical, deplorable factors
    Now if you're a black athlete, you're a spoiled little brat for
    Tryina use your platform or your stature
    To try to give those a voice who don't have one
    He says, 'You're spittin' in the face of vets who fought for us, you bastards!'
    Unless you're a POW who's tortured and battered
    'Cause to him you're zeros
    'Cause he don't like his war heroes captured
    That's not disrespecting the military
    Fuck that! This is for Colin, ball up a fist!
    And keep that shit balled like Donald the bitch!
    'He's gonna get rid of all immigrants!'
    'He's gonna build that thang up taller than this!'
    Well, if he does build it, I hope it's rock solid with bricks
    'Cause like him in politics, I'm using all of his tricks
    'Cause I'm throwin' that piece of shit against the wall 'til it sticks
    And any fan of mine who's a supporter of his
    I'm drawing in the sand a line: you're either for or against
    And if you can't decide who you like more and you're split
    On who you should stand beside, I'll do it for you with this:
    Fuck you!
    The rest of America stand up
    We love our military, and we love our country
    But we fucking hate Trump"

    Thursday, April 27, 2017

    Do The Right Thing Way

    When I found out this was going down (August 29, 2015), I was like "Hey, I should be there!" 

    Of course I posted on social media about it and below 

    [VIDEO] #Rp @40acresandamulefilmworks Mad #MadProps 2 @djspinna #BKLovesMJ #DTRTway #BlockParty. #DJSpinna on the 1s & 2s was pure fireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ When I got there he was STR8 KILLING the #MichaelJackson song mixes—and THEN after they unveiled the #DoTheRightThingWay sign yo played like every #Brooklyn MC ever. LOL Of course we had #JayZ #Biggie, #BigDaddyKane, but yo put on dat #MCLyte, dat #AudioTwo (the Two audio) #LilKim—it was ill! Suffice it to say #NowFollowing!πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ I agree pretty much with everything by this next dude #Repost @iamdeanedwards: 
I gotta send a special shout out & #SALUTE to my man 50 Grand, @djspinna & @keistarproductions for holding #BROOKLYN & The #BrooklynLovesMJ party down for over 6 hours. Go follow one of the #iLLest DJ's & nicest dudes that I know & make sure you catch him live when he's throwing one of his #StevieWonder aka #WONDERFull or #MJvsPrince tribute celebrations. #BrooklynsFinest #SupportRealDJs #PolyRhythmAddicts
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    The prior year I went to

    'Do The Right Thing' 25th Anniversary in Brooklyn [VIDEOS]

    Click the link above to read what I wrote

    Friday, April 7, 2017

    The 'Get Out' TV Miniseries

    Arwork: Taj Tenfold
    Maybe I watch too much Law & Order and The X-Files, but I would like to see more of the stories introduced in the blockbuster film Get Out further explored in some type of investigative police procedural.

    FIRST, I have to give some background on the film. This next part is VERY spoiler filled so…


    The film in a nutshell is when Chris (Daniel Kaluuya, pictured above left) goes home with his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams, pictured above right), he is apprehensive as she hasn't told her parents that he is black. Once they get there things turn creepy. Things turn creepy because of the The Order of The Coagula (TOOTC).

    Pic: FoundFlix
    The Order of The Coagula is the cult founded by the mad scientist grandfather of Rose, Roman Armitage (the one who placed second to Jesse Owens) who started the “mad procedure” of extended-life through brain-transplantation.

    Rose’s parents Dean and Missy Armitage (pictured above) who turn out to be “mad scientists” their damn selves have furthered TOOTC experiment through Dean’s surgeon skill and Missy’s hypnotic skill. Part of their new procedure is to keep the original consciousness of the victim as it remains in a void called the Sunken Place.

    Pic: FoundFlix
    The Sunken Place keeps the original consciousness of the victim and allows the new transplanted person to retain the skills of the original person.

    Andre Hayworth
    Basically, like one of the featured victims in the film Andre Hayworth, a jazz musician, played by LaKeith Stanfield, had his body taken, the brain of an older white man put into his body, but retains his ability to play jazz. Chris’ body is selected for a blind man because of his artistic eye as a photographer.

    Pic: FoundFlix

    Near the end of the film Chris finds a box of photographs of his girlfriend Rose and several other black men. There’s also a picture of her and her parents employee Georgina, but Georgina looks very different than she does now.

    Without giving too much more away, Chris gets away from the crazy family and at the end is rescued by his cousin Rod.

    The thing is though, what happened to the other victims of The Order of The Coagula procedure? That’s what I WANT to know.


    Let me start by saying I DO NOT want to see a sequel or a regular television series. Even my beloved Law & Order and The X-Files ran out of ideas eventually.

    I can see the government forming a special task force to investigate not only The Order of The Coagula (TOOTC), but their victims. There have obviously been several victims of TOOTC procedure and are living new lives. Much like Andre Hayworth who is now living as Logan King, husband to Philomena King.

    Philomena and "Logan" King

    I would like to see a federal task force something akin to The X-Files led by none other than Detective Latoya played by Erika Alexander in Get Out.

    Erika Alexander

    She can Co-Lead the task force with some federal agent who’s a skeptic of course. She by now is totally invested in the case having been fingered as the detective who ignored it in the first place. She has a lot to prove. Of course you have to add some type of doctor/neurosurgeon to the task force to explain certain scientific things. To add levity to the team you can add Lil Rel Howery reprising his role of Rod Williams from Get Out.

    Lil Rel Howery
    It appears Chris is still too traumatized to participate and Rod is their closest attachment to the case. He knows as much about the case, maybe more, than Detective Latoya.

    Graphic: Black Girl Nerds

    Their immediate task is to find “Patient Zero”, the first successful TOOTC transplant. Each episode they find other “transplants” as they call them and no one seems to want to cooperate. Some even become dangerous. I would also like to see what it might take to prosecute some of these people. What would the charges be?

    I think the potential storylines are RIPE with possibilities. Basically it’s–whatever happened to the other victims of this nefarious plot?

    That’s all I have, or are willing to develop for something, that probably will never happen. I just thought it was a fun exercise like the one I did for the non-existent sequel Set It Off 2, the number of hits to that idea to date is over 60,000. Whodathunk that?

    If anything, Get Out has got me looking at my black horror movie I wrote back in 1998...

    On the 'Nother Brother Entertainment blog I wrote a full review of Get Out HERE

    Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    Iron Fist Season One *Live*Tweets* & Review

    I watched Iron Fist and like the other solo Defenders series I *LIVE*TWEETED* what I thought of the First Season. The last tweet is my review of the show which you can jump to here. See all the tweets below.

    Monday, March 13, 2017

    Money & Violence Seasons 1 & 2 REVIEW

    I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York so when I heard about this Brooklyn based web series becoming an Internet smash I had to learn more.

    I first heard about this web series via the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

    As the article states, this series was DIY (Do It Yourself) as far as production values. Personally I’ve studied media my whole adult life, academically and personally, so I could see the obvious flaws in the production. I came into Money & Violence knowing it was DIY low budget filmmaking and boy was it, but that didn’t make it nonetheless compelling. As I tweeted

    The last few episodes were up to an hour and I don’t know if that worked as well. By the end of Season One they were doing THE MOST with the episode lengths. Most of the Season was like 25-30 minute episodes which was perfect.

    About the quality of the show, it definitely was DIY, but I’ve seen worst and they also was doing the most with a lot of night shooting. Shooting scenes at night is tough because you have to make sure the scene is lit enough so you can see what’s going on. The version I watched was also the “remastered HD” version so it might have looked worse in the original cut.


    Photo: Lionsgate Entertainment 

    The story was gritty was hell, the two main characters RAFE and MIZ were robbers as in stick-up men. If you had a large amount of money, Rafe and Miz were coming for it. The series also has two other main cast members.

    Photo: Lionsgate Entertainment
    When I started watching this first season I couldn’t stand the characters of KANE and SHANE, I could see that they had storylines going somewhere, but they seemed too inept to really care about. By the end of the season I see where they were going, RAFE and MIZ were the “elder statesmen” of the game and Kane and Shane were the new youngins.

    The story did dip into other areas of the crime game as well as personal stories involving the main characters. The most compelling of the series is anything involving Rafe and Miz, everything else is secondary.

    I guess the worst part of the series was the acting, but therein lies the rub. You can tell that no one and I mean no one was a trained actor, but they had that look, that vibe. They had a Jamaican storyline where the Jamaicans sounded like real Jamaicans with THICK accents and patois. I dug the fact that it was authentic, but without subtitles those scenes fell flat and became white noise. The characters though felt very, very real and of the streets.

    Ultimately I agree with this from the Tribeca article.
    “Perhaps the show’s biggest draw is its DIY production value, which includes episodes that look as if they were shot on a cell phone and performances by a cast of local Brooklyn residents, rather than trained actors. The show’s creator and cast will be the first to admit they had never acted, edited, or been behind a camera before the filming of the show. Verneau is also the writer, editor, director, and show’s lead character. He has said he learned to edit only months prior to the show’s premiere using YouTube tutorials. Still, despite the shaky cameras and grainy picture quality, the allure lies in its authenticity. The web series is written and performed by Brooklyn natives and this is reflected in the accents, slang, and music.”
    What it lacks in production quality it more than makes up in AUTHENTICITY!

    I enjoyed the first season and by the end I cared about all four of the main characters and where their story was going.

    You can read what I thought about Season One as I watched it via this twitter thread starting with this tweet HERE  or clicking the tweet below.



    Tidal picked up web series, Money & Violence after Season One and after they ended with failed crowdfunding efforts for Season Two.  Jay Z’s music streaming service stepped in to deliver fans with the next episodes which was great since the Flatbush Brooklyn-based series attracted nearly a million viewers each episode of the first season.

    You could tell by the opening credits of Season Two that MAV had more money for their production. Everything looked sleeker and dare I say more “professional”. Everything out the gate looked better. You could tell that they had a more experienced crew on this season.

    The shots, the editing, the sound, everything was next level. The acting, not so much. The show continues to use a lot of the same characters/actors from season one and only the main characters seemed to have gotten better. It's ok though, the appeal of MAV has always been its street authenticity. The Jamaicans were back with their thick accents and patois, but this time with subtitles which made their storyline far more palatable

    The stories are also slightly more elaborate as the many characters get a lot to do. The main two RAFE and MIZ are also taking their game to the next level. No longer robbing the greater Brooklyn area, they're now moving into “importing and distribution” so to speak. Their new deals involve a lot more strategy, several new characters including more guest stars, one a famous rapper/actor. KANE and SHANE also get more to do and their stories from the first season are expanded.

    Photo: Lionsgate Entertainment

    Season Two was also more in the “cable model” with a 12 episode season with episodes generally one hour in length. The one hour episodes were cool, but I kinda miss the short 20-25 minute episodes they had at the beginning of Season One, such is life though, as they’re trying to enter more into the mainstream.  I enjoyed Season Two even if some of the storylines were clunky and most of the acting even clunkier. The series still had that street appeal.

    You can read what I thought about Season Two as I watched it via this twitter thread starting HERE or the tweet below
    As for Season 3 see the below tweet by Money & Violence creator Moses "Moetivation" Verneau, February 2017.
    However, one major cast member IS NOT returning  Rene Guercy who played "Miz".
     "Good day Instagram family," Ray wrote on his @ray_day9 page " I don't want to mislead people so I would love for you guys to hear it from me first. I'm no longer part of the Money and Violence cast, nor do I want any association with the project. Those who have watched and supported my journey in becoming an actor, it's appreciated and my acting career won't stop because of this. You have to stand for something or fall for anything. With that being said, God will continue blessing me because I stayed true to myself and never hated."–Revolt, February 2017 

     I really don't know what this means for the future of the series since the Rafe/Miz dynamic was the best of the show to me, but I'm still down for Season Three.

    I purchased Seasons One and Two through Lionsgate. Below you can watch a playlist of the first three episodes of Money & Violence for free.

    Wednesday, March 1, 2017

    Moonlight - Review

    I usually write long form reviews for films I really like for the 'Nother Brother Entertainment blog, but I wanted to get this review for a little independent film out there on social media ASAP and I did so on Instagram back in November 2016.

    Who knew three months later it would WIN the Academy Award for Best Picture in one of the most unheralded ways.

    In any case, it is the Best Picture and below you can read my review.

    #nfotd (#ncfotd) #Moonlight was really great! The marketing makes it seem like a straightforward artistic piece and while it is that, it was WAY MORE hood and grounded in black life than I thought it would be. It was straight up real son! Trust. The marketing states "a portrait of black lives that shatters stereotypes" and I COMPLETELY agree. Please don't let any preconceived notions about this film deter you from seeing it. The acting is terrific. ALL THREE actors playing the character of "Chiron" at three different ages (in the video) do great jobs! The supporting cast does great too especially #MahershalaAli who is stealing everything he's in nowadays. The film is visually stunning, beautifully shot by cinematographer JAMES LAXTON and superbly #WrittenAndDirected by #BarryJenkins.πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ BELIEVE the hype, Moonlight is a great as everyone says.
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