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The 'Get Out' TV Miniseries

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Maybe I watch too much Law & Order and The X-Files, but I would like to see more of the stories introduced in the blockbuster film Get Out further explored in some type of investigative police procedural.

FIRST, I have to give some background on the film. This next part is VERY spoiler filled so…


The film in a nutshell is when Chris (Daniel Kaluuya, pictured above left) goes home with his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams, pictured above right), he is apprehensive as she hasn't told her parents that he is black. Once they get there things turn creepy. Things turn creepy because of the The Order of The Coagula (TOOTC).

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The Order of The Coagula is the cult founded by the mad scientist grandfather of Rose, Roman Armitage (the one who placed second to Jesse Owens) who started the “mad procedure” of extended-life through brain-transplantation.

Rose’s parents Dean and Missy Armitage (pictured above) who turn out to be “mad scientists” their damn selves have furthered TOOTC experiment through Dean’s surgeon skill and Missy’s hypnotic skill. Part of their new procedure is to keep the original consciousness of the victim as it remains in a void called the Sunken Place.

Pic: FoundFlix
The Sunken Place keeps the original consciousness of the victim and allows the new transplanted person to retain the skills of the original person.

Andre Hayworth
Basically, like one of the featured victims in the film Andre Hayworth, a jazz musician, played by LaKeith Stanfield, had his body taken, the brain of an older white man put into his body, but retains his ability to play jazz. Chris’ body is selected for a blind man because of his artistic eye as a photographer.

Pic: FoundFlix

Near the end of the film Chris finds a box of photographs of his girlfriend Rose and several other black men. There’s also a picture of her and her parents employee Georgina, but Georgina looks very different than she does now.

Without giving too much more away, Chris gets away from the crazy family and at the end is rescued by his cousin Rod.

The thing is though, what happened to the other victims of The Order of The Coagula procedure? That’s what I WANT to know.


Let me start by saying I DO NOT want to see a sequel or a regular television series. Even my beloved Law & Order and The X-Files ran out of ideas eventually.

I can see the government forming a special task force to investigate not only The Order of The Coagula (TOOTC), but their victims. There have obviously been several victims of TOOTC procedure and are living new lives. Much like Andre Hayworth who is now living as Logan King, husband to Philomena King.

Philomena and "Logan" King

I would like to see a federal task force something akin to The X-Files led by none other than Detective Latoya played by Erika Alexander in Get Out.

Erika Alexander

She can Co-Lead the task force with some federal agent who’s a skeptic of course. She by now is totally invested in the case having been fingered as the detective who ignored it in the first place. She has a lot to prove. Of course you have to add some type of doctor/neurosurgeon to the task force to explain certain scientific things. To add levity to the team you can add Lil Rel Howery reprising his role of Rod Williams from Get Out.

Lil Rel Howery
It appears Chris is still too traumatized to participate and Rod is their closest attachment to the case. He knows as much about the case, maybe more, than Detective Latoya.

Graphic: Black Girl Nerds

Their immediate task is to find “Patient Zero”, the first successful TOOTC transplant. Each episode they find other “transplants” as they call them and no one seems to want to cooperate. Some even become dangerous. I would also like to see what it might take to prosecute some of these people. What would the charges be?

I think the potential storylines are RIPE with possibilities. Basically it’s–whatever happened to the other victims of this nefarious plot?

That’s all I have, or are willing to develop for something, that probably will never happen. I just thought it was a fun exercise like the one I did for the non-existent sequel Set It Off 2, the number of hits to that idea to date is over 60,000. Whodathunk that?

If anything, Get Out has got me looking at my black horror movie I wrote back in 1998...

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