Monday, May 27, 2013

Let's Talk About Riddick

As stated I saw him for the first time in Pitch Black and thought he was dope and a new kickass action star! 

I even watched him in xXx that shit sucked, but I still thought he had great screen presence. 

I'm not into fast cars and stuff so I had NO INTEREST in the original Fast & Furious. But I did watch that Chronicles of Riddick animated joint Dark Fury that served as a bridge between PB & the Chronicles movie. That was cool as was the live action follow up. 

Again what I didn't like was that fake ass mythology about Riddick. Brooklyn accent—GTFOH! All of a sudden this damn arch criminal is a prince or the chosen one or some bullshit? Yeah. Ok. Let a badass be a badass. 

Having said all that, I'm all aboard for this new Riddick movie on September 6, 2013

In a September 4, 2013 Hollywood Reporter article they stated "Instead of continuing in the extravagant vein of the second film, they returned to basics" YOU KNOW I agree with that!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The 2013 Maryland Film Festival

Well the time is upon us time for the biggest film festival in Maryland to start! (You can see what the opening night films will be here)

As I did last year, I will attempt to LIVE TWEET my experience and share it on the ‘Nother Brother Entertainment social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

As in previous years, I will also give up to the minute reviews of the films I see EXCLUSIVELY on the ‘Nother Brother Entertainment Facebook Page

Last year I had a blast and posted a lot about it via my iPhone and managed to conserve some sort of battery life while going to back to back screenings. LOL

This year as the festival has expanded I’m going to try and post more, the optimal word being TRY. Anyway, the best way to find out is to Like our Facebook Page or Follow Us on Twitter. (Twitter users you can follow me at the hashtag #NBE_MFF)

What was my experience generally like last year? Click the link below

Maryland Film Festival 2013 Opening Night Shorts

Quvenzhané Wallis in Boneshaker
Below are the short films that will open the 2013 Maryland Film Festival. These shorts are exclusive to Opening Night and will not be shown the rest of the festival.

Boneshaker (Frances Bodomo, 12 minutes)
An African family, lost in America, travels to a Louisiana church to find a cure for its problem child.

The Chair (Grainger David, 12 minutes)
A mysterious outbreak in a rural Southern town leads one young boy to a hauntingly poetic consideration of the wonder, mystery, and menace of the natural world.

The Cub (Riley Stearns, 5 minutes)
Wolves make the best parents.

Flutter (Dara Bratt, 8 minutes)
John Bedford is a 76-year-old amateur butterfly collector. Immensely visual, the film follows John on his excursion to the jungles of Vietnam, plunging audiences into a world of wonder and childlike excitement. But as the film reveals, our subject is as fragile as the habitat he loves and seeks to preserve. Extending beyond the exotic and gorgeous butterflies, this is the reflective and meditative portrait of a lonely man seeking companionship in the arms of nature.

Jujitsuing Reality (Chetin Chabuk, 16 minutes)
Despite living with ALS, screenwriter Scott Lew maintains his voice in the world through his scripts, giving added meaning to the expression "living to write".

Social Butterfly  (Lauren Wolkstein, 14 minutes)
A 30-year-old American woman enters into a teenage party in the South of France. Some of the guests wonder who she is and what she is doing there.

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Maryland Film Festival Website

Friday, May 3, 2013

Urban Dictionary: Traidar

Trailer-radar. The ability to tell from movie trailers if a movie is bad or not.

View the word at Urban Dictionary: Traidar