Friday, March 9, 2012

Great quote about the state of diversity in film [QUOTE]

Great quote from a friend I made over on @NotherBrother Twitter account from a great podcast she co-hosts Cinema In Noir.

Cinema In Noir is a podcast featuring "Unabashed film talk from three mahogany film mavens. Hosted by Candice, Rebecca, and Kim"

The below quote is from their first podcast of 2012 titled “Movie Resolutions” (Jan 8, 2012) and it’s by Kim or as she is known on Twitter @ReelSistas
“I’m kinda over the fact that more animals have been in films than blacks, Latinos and Asians put together in leading roles. We’ve had horses, revolting monkeys, quadriplegic whales are in these starring roles and where are the black people or people of color? They have interesting lives too! So I really would like to see more of that, please! Not more of the animals, more of the people of color in films.”
Her delivery is way better in audio than it is in print and her co-hosts laughing in the background is priceless. You can listen to it at around the 36:00 min mark along with ALL of their Movie Resolutions below.

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