Friday, August 17, 2012

What I Really Thought of 'Game of Thrones' Season 2

Many people online have said that Season Two isn’t as good as the first one…well I’ll join that chorus, it’s not.

It was ok, but it seemed like a lot of double dealing that went NOWHERE. The one bright spot was MORE TYRION.

Tyrion Lannister played by the great Peter Dinklage (pictured above) had more to do and that was great!

Even though Arya Stark is one of my favs, expertly played by Maisie Williams (pictured above) her storyline seemed middling too. I’m like every week is she gonna get caught? Which was the point, but I felt that her “undercover work” went on too long. It too seemed to go nowhere. 

The rest of the Stark kids were cool. Someone who was not really on the radar in Season One really stepped it up in Season Two and that was Robb Stark. Who knew he such a master warmonger. Even though we didn’t see any of them (I understand budget constraints) Robb was winning battle after battle.

I really liked Jon Snow in Season One, but again he seemed middling in Season Two.

Joffrey Baratheon, the King, is a wicked, twisted little bastard, as excellently played by Jack Gleeson (pictured above). He is young and naïve and I surmise all the young kings from actual history actually were. I hope they weren’t as big an asshole as Joffrey, but the immaturity of youth with that much power can’t be a good combination.

Daenerys and one of her dragons
Lastly I must mention the whole Daenerys Targaryen or as she is called the Khaleesi, stuff. Daenerys and her damned dragons. Ugh. I assume the dragons play a huge part in later seasons and such, but at this point I could give a damn.

Emilia Clark in makeup as Daenerys (right) and not (left)
The actor Emilia Clarke does a well enough job, but I don’t think she projects the strength, fortitude and gravitas the role seems to require. I wasn’t a fan of the Khaleesi even in Season One.

As in Season One the penultimate episode of the season, Season 2’s “Blackwater” was the best. It finally showed a major battle and gave Tyrion a chance to shine.
Tyrion in "Blackwater"
If I didn’t mention anyone else from Season 2 they probably weren’t a real factor to me. The whole season seemed like one big long setup for events that I assume will play out in later seasons. The Season 2 Finale ending was intriguing, but was more of a shrug to me. Hopefully Season Three will pay off a lot of the storylines presented in Season Two.

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