Monday, August 6, 2012

Dexter Script Update #5 - In The Interim


Yesterday I finished rewatching Dexter Season Two and even though I've seen it before it was STILL great.

After seeing the first five seasons of Dexter, Season Two is my favorite and that's why I chose to place the plot of my spec teleplay AFTER Season Two and BEFORE Season Three which ironically is my least favorite.

I plan on following up on certain innocuous plot threads from Season Two and use them as a character beats in my "DexterScript".
Scene from Dexter Season Two
I chose to set the events of my episode in this Season Two/Season Three interim because I think that's when Dexter was still at his most "inhuman" and he wasn't encumbered by his personal relationships that developed over later seasons. I also think it’s cool to write my own small sequel to my favorite season.

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