Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dexter Script Update #7 - The Tools


No not tools like Dexter. I do in depth  research on my scripts, but not THAT MUCH depth. LOL

Dexter and his tools

Below is a picture of my “screenwriting folder”

Like I said in previous Dexter Script updates, I do in depth research on my scripts and still very much of it is paper, even though I try to minimize that now as much as I can. Pretty much since I was in college I’ve been using that folder to keep all of my paper research. Sort of like a ritual for me that I plan to keep up as much as I can. LOL

I’ve also used a voice recorder since college too. While rewatching Season Two I took lots of audio notes and below is my tweet about it.

Before smart phones I was using it and it’s still useful. Writing is done mostly in your head as you are thinking about…anything. Often times I might be watching the news or a movie or television show and an idea might HIT me.  Instead of finding a pen and paper I record it.

These are just some of the tools, besides a computer of course, that I use to write scripts. 

Click the graphic below to read all of the 

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