Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Part One) - Mini review

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is a four-issue comic book limited series comprising The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Triumphant, Hunt The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Falls, written and drawn by Frank Miller, originally published by DC Comics under the title Batman: The Dark Knight in 1986.

The Dark Knight Returns tells the story of a 55-year-old Bruce Wayne who comes out of retirement to fight crime, only to face opposition from the Gotham City police force and the United States government.

The Dark Knight Returns Part One seems to be a methodical adaptation of the comic book. I've never read the comic book, but splitting the series into two films seems wise. Nothing seems rushed and also nothing seems to drag on. It all seems systematic and tells the story in a natural fashion. Bruce Wayne doesn't immediately return as Batman as we see his thought process and reticence. It all seems natural.

Forget all that right? You want to know about the action. Well the action is really good especially the hand to hand combat scenes with Batman and his main foe. It’s like damn! [POW] [BAM] [KRAK] LOL.

Even though this is “Part One” there is a complete story here and an intriguing cliffhanger. Another really good film from the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line, their 15th!

SIDE NOTE: Fans of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy will definitely notice plot details lifted from this story for his films series especially The Dark Knight Rises. The inspiration is reciprocal as you can definitely notice the Hans Zimmer (scorer of the Nolan films) influence on Christopher Drake’s score for The Dark Knight Returns

See the Wikipedia page for The Dark Knight Returns Part One (WARNING: There are spoilers in the plot description )

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