Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hunger Games - Spoiler Room

Details of the film are below. SPOILERS ABOUND. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

From Facebook

Ruby B. So...while I did enjoy the movie overall (I'm not that hard to please
with basic movie enjoyment), I don't feel most of the actors did many
(most) scenes they wrote the characters using contemporary lingo, which annoys
me when it so obviously doesn't fit with the feel of the movie's era. At one
point in my head I thought "Ok...this is sounding a little more like it should
be called Disney Does The Hunger Games lol... Kato in particular sounded like a
bully from an after school special...he actually called someone a punk! Lol and
smh...come on writers, you couldn't create their culture any better than that???

They also didn't succeed in capturing Katniss' sharp personality she had in the
book...really...none of the characters or their relationships were well
developed in the movie...and I know that can be hard when you're taking a really
detailed book and squeezing it into a couple of hours...but it seemed to me like
the movie was based on Cliff's Notes lol, not the actual book (which is odd
since the author helped write the screenplay). And again, I understand many of
the changes that were made and why, but I think some things that were left
out/changed (esp easy, fine details like the pin, the goat cheese, the mutts,
the lamb stew, Cinna's assistants/the makeover, and much more) could've easily
remained true(r) to the book. Cinna's role and that relationship (or lack of)
was a disappointment. Gale (casting) was a disappointment. President Snow was a
disappointment (love Donald and all but not this time). Peeta often went from
impassioned, frightened youth to valley beach dude in his lines. Kato- just not
good acting at all....but...I do know it's hard to find truly talented young this still didn't "ruin" it for me...but it registered.

Really...the movie didn't effectively pulled out anywhere near the level of
emotion or excitement that the book did is enjoyable...just maybe try
not to think about the book and take the movie for what it is...

With all that said...I'll still probably see it again
March 23 at 10:04am 

Ruby B. Oh...I will say that I appreciated the movie giving us views into the
Game Maker's control center and being able to see plotting/planning that was
eluded to or explained in the books but not written as first hand accounts... :)
March 23 

My response to a couple of other posts including the death of Rue.

Dankwa: Ok I just saw it less than hour ago and this is what I thought. I never read the book so a lot of those specific details are not lost on me.

I totally agree w/ the lack of character development, but the movie was already long AF so I'm fine w/ that.

I thought Rue's death was very emotional. No they didn't really give you enough time to develop their friendship, but w/ the time allotted they did great.

The aftershool special bully stuff is accurate, but *dankshrug* didn't mind it that much. It's hard to come up w/ an original villain.

Actor who played Peeta was a major drip so that explains why you didn't like his character.

Jennifer Lawrence brought it though like I knew she would. I really liked her performance in Winters Bone not so much in X-Men.
April 3, 2012

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