Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maryland Film Festival 2012 Drama Shorts


A CHJÀNA  (Jonas Carpignano)
True events inspired this compelling tale of an African migrant worker and his best friend in the wake of the most significant race riot in Italian history. A stirring story of rebellion, solidarity, and friendship.

THE CHRISTMAS TREE  (Angel Kristi Williams)
A struggling single father prepares to spend his first Christmas alone with his daughter, but when their tree is lost on Christmas Eve, he’s placed in a troubling predicament.

THE FATHER (David Easteal)
Haunted by his past, a man searches for forgiveness. Getting it however, may come at a cost.

FIRST MATCH (Olivia Newman)
Fourteen year-old Monique "Mo" Morris is the only girl on what has been the all-boys wrestling team. As she prepares for her first, co-ed high school match, we learn that her desire to dominate the male opponent she will face on the mat is about more than proving to her skeptical teammates that she has earned her starting position. She is also wrestling to connect to her father, a former wrestler, and struggling single dad.

SPARK (Annie Silverstein)
While a boy waits out his father’s tryst, he is unexpectedly forced to deal with the lady-friend’s daughter.  Set on a ranch in Bastrop, Texas, Spark uses the environment to explore the internal space of children. Shot on 16mm over 3 days.

WAITING ROOM (Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck)
After a significant event takes place, a man experiences unexpected suspension of time.

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