Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Is The Life

Had a dope dream this morning.

I was chilling in a club in Brooklyn with Jay-Z. Not his club, some "hole in the
wall", you know the kind with black floors, black walls, black ceilings—yeah all
black everything. What we were talking about I don't know. All of a sudden a hip
hop song comes on and Hov starts rapping along. Right then L.L. Cool J walks in
with one of those airbrushed shirts on with his face on it. He comes over to me
and says what's up, like he seen me from around the way, and gives me a pound.

L.L. goes over to the other side of the club and I'm still trying to figure out
what this song Jay-Z is rapping to, I pull out my iPhone and uses this program
that listens to a song and tell you what it is and who it's by. The song that
pops up is called THIS IS THE LIFE. Yes I can read in my dreams.

Well I wake up like right after that and I think THAT has to mean something. So
I iPhone and does an Internet search. Nada. Not a hip hop song anyway.
So I search "This is the Life hip hop" and come up with this doc by one of
My recent favorite directors Ava DuVernay. (This Is the Life (2008): WTF?!

Anyway, we can't control our dreams, but grandma has always taught me that
dreams meant something, I just wished I knew what this was.

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