Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Brown Center at MICA

Photo I took of the Brown Center May 7, 2011
Below is some of what I said on Facebook when I posted my photos in 2011. MICA stands for Maryland Institute College of Art.
When I volunteered for the Maryland Film Festival I was assigned to the Brown Center at MICA (A second site for showing films). I thought WHAT a beautiful building. The architecture was amazing. I never been inside a “glass pyramid” before. 
Brown Center plaque
While walking around, I saw the above plaque and to my utter amazement and surprise the Browns of the Brown Center were black folk! Besides Reginald F. Lewis I didn't know there were black folks in Maryland with money like THAT. Not only did they have money, they were philanthropic. That’s what I call giving back! 
Internet photo of the Brown Center 
I'm still proud and amazed at the Brown Center and I have been there about a dozen times for various events.

You can see more of the building at here
You can read more about the Browns here

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