Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FIRST REACTION: My reaction to that Kendrick Lamar verse on 'Control' [AUDIO]

Kendrick Lamar
I haven't been on social media that much today. I checked this afternoon and all I keep seeing is "Kendrick Lamar this", "Kendrick Lamar that". I'm like why the FUCK is everybody talking about Kendrick Lamar?

After a few skimming I find out it's about some rap verse on somebody else's song. I read that everybody is saying it's the shit and will change rap forever and some bullshit. Well all that don't mean shit until I LISTEN to it. I find people get all hyperbolic over bullshit and I must be the voice of reason. I must tell everyone to calm the fuck down and realize  whatever it is for...whatever it is. Well I listen to it and

GOTDAMN! As fire as it was I gotta agree with what my boy Dominque Spencer said on Facebook
 "KL been killn but now he getting SOOOO much hype for doing what he does on a consistent basis ..." I totally agree! That motherfucker been fire since like forever! 

Like Stan Ski said on Facebook "He changed the regular flow of things when he added the names of all his peers into his verse..." in total agreement with that as well!

Listen to the track below

and now BIG SEAN'S reaction  

Enough from me. Read and LISTEN all about it here

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