Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Moonlight - Review

I usually write long form reviews for films I really like for the 'Nother Brother Entertainment blog, but I wanted to get this review for a little independent film out there on social media ASAP and I did so on Instagram back in November 2016.

Who knew three months later it would WIN the Academy Award for Best Picture in one of the most unheralded ways.

In any case, it is the Best Picture and below you can read my review.

#nfotd (#ncfotd) #Moonlight was really great! The marketing makes it seem like a straightforward artistic piece and while it is that, it was WAY MORE hood and grounded in black life than I thought it would be. It was straight up real son! Trust. The marketing states "a portrait of black lives that shatters stereotypes" and I COMPLETELY agree. Please don't let any preconceived notions about this film deter you from seeing it. The acting is terrific. ALL THREE actors playing the character of "Chiron" at three different ages (in the video) do great jobs! The supporting cast does great too especially #MahershalaAli who is stealing everything he's in nowadays. The film is visually stunning, beautifully shot by cinematographer JAMES LAXTON and superbly #WrittenAndDirected by #BarryJenkins.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 BELIEVE the hype, Moonlight is a great as everyone says.
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