Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Serial Podcast: Season 1 –Review

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#Serial (#SerialPodcast) Season 1 REVIEW: Let me state up front again, the #podcast started off TERRIBLE, but it got better. It still kind of lacked any real structure, but they tried to focus on one issue an episode and they did save the best stuff for the last episodes. As a fan of #48HoursMystery this show was more like fan fiction than journalism. Halfway through I'm thinking is host #SarahKoenig in love with the suspect or what? Geez. She seemed to be practically fawning over dude. Maybe because he's the black dude, but too many people on the podcast are pointing their fingers at JAY all the while saying that he didn't kill anyone. I'm like damn! Why they trying to make dude a scapegoat? At best, my feeling was he did help bury the body which unto itself is hella bad, but I think at the point his friend showed up with a dead body in the trunk that he just got caught up. For whatever reason. He did testify against the convicted killer. So he kind of did the right thing. Now about the convicted killer #AdnanSyed. I thought from the FIRST episode that he was guilty and that opinion did not change over the course of the season. Everything about him was just wrong to me. His morals, his values, the way he spoke...but as a friend pointed out to me, at the point he was on the podcast, he was incarcerated for 15 years. He BETTER sound hood after that length of time. But beyond that, he just "talked too slick" for me. As I stated before, I've known too many cats like that. And that's JUST his voice. I'm sure if I could talk to him face to face it would send up MORE red flags. He's a slick talker for sure, and I can see why he has people like his biggest fan Sarah pulling for him. LOL. To be fair to Sarah she does voice doubts too, but I think that was to give the podcast a dramatic arc. LOL (continued in the comments. See all my other posts about this podcast on Instagram @ #DBSerialPodcast)
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