Monday, January 30, 2012

Why I Hated DRIVE [RANT]

My filmmaker friend Kim Moir tagged me on Facebook about the film Drive

His post about Drive "My fave flick from 2011. Probably high on Dankwa's list too."

My eloquent reply:
I TRULY HATED Drive. Story was WACK, characters were shrug worthy despite being played by some good actors. The elevator scene between the leads was beautiful 4 a second. Albert Brooks was a big snooze. Oscar worthy? NO WAY. Not a snub if you didn't give a worthy performance. Because a comedic actor played a bad guy? SO WHAT! Joe Pesci he wasn't.

Because I seem to be the only one of my filmmaker friends to NOT like this film, I'm going to get the BluRay & give it another chance, but I'm sure I was right the first time as its "snub" in awards dictates
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Another one of my filmmaker friends

Rm Robinson lol Dankwa you dont like anything .... but yeah Drive story was bad but the music to me helped out the movie to me. I just wish he did more getaway jobs.
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More feedback

Raymond M.
Drive is a devisive movie. I know people who loved it and I know people who hated it. I know one guy who demanded his money back after seeing it.... I agree that Albert Brooks was mediocre to terrible and that some of the dialog was horrible, The movie excels in the style and world that it creates. Its a cool throwback to 70's and 80' action flicks with the silent anti-hero righting wrongs and protecting the innocent. Its also VERY well directed and slick and takes a basic story and makes it special. People who can appreciate that tend to love it. People who want more narrative meat on their movie's bones tend to not get what the fuss is about.


Even mo feedback

Kim Moir wrote: " -- don't read this post (potential spoilers) I thought the story was just offbeat enough to be compelling. So much of the film was smarter than similar films that preceded it. This material could have been so tired and derivative (Fast and Furious ; ) -- but introduced something fresh and unexpected into many scenes. The violence was both shocking and organic -- that's one helluva paradox to execute. Don't remember much about the soundtrack, but I'll buy the Blu-Ray tomorrow -- and I'll listen closely.

LOVED Albert Brooks' performance. He practically oozed grease, yet he looked no more threatening than a aluminum siding salesman. His foreshadowing line about having dirty hands is one of the best lines of any movie in the entire year! Few characters, in the end, were who they appeared, especially "The Driver" who was, in the end, a psychopath. His mild appearance led everyone to underestimate him."

UPDATE: I DID rewatch Drive and...I was right the first time. More details later.

JUNE 2012: Said update is in my Drive review here