Thursday, February 2, 2012

30 Years of David Letterman [UPDATED]

Logo with from NBC show (1982-1993)
I loved to watch David Letterman since I was a kid. I think I was the only black kid in the hood who would stay up late to watch him (during summer vacation folks).

I loved his irreverent humor and dry wit. He also did wacky shit like throw crap off a roof & wear an alka seltzer suit while being dunked in a tank of water. A teenage boy liking shit like that? Go figure. (See  Recurring Late Night segments)

Even as a kid I "got" his humor and exhibit much of the same traits today. I don't think there's anything funnier than telling a joke that's NOT funny. I think the fact that it's not funny...makes it funny.

Comedy that makes you think is the funniest to me. Broad "knock knock" type jokes with a simple punchline—deadline _______ 4 me -___-  give me more irreverence, give me more dry wit. Give me more David Letterman! Happy 30th Anniversary Dave!

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UPDATE: August 2017
Letterman @ the Stern Show August 16, 2017

David Letterman returned to the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, August 16th to talk about his new Netflix show and more.

READ MORE about all of the highlights from Letterman’s latest sit-down with Howard Stern, including archival video on the Stern Show website (@ the link below) and listen to the full interview (above).

Letterman On Stern Show 2017