Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spider-Man is BACK! Well the one I know & Iove

I read Spider-Man comics for about a year or two. The best thing I liked about the comics besides the kickass action was Spidey’s smartass mouth while kicking some villains ass. Something that was remiss from the films. That’s why today I was SO happy to read THIS today about the newest Spidey flick, The Amazing Spider-Man, coming this summer.
"Spider-Man 3" may have caused you to forget that Spider-Man is actually kind of a smart-ass and not just an emo guy who dances in the street with side bangs and zero self-awareness. In "Amazing," the wisecracking Spidey returns to make a carjacker feel like a complete dumbass, as he should. Andrew Garfield's take on the hero brings back the fun, intentionally. - MTV News

 Gives me even more reason to want to see The Amazing Spider-Man opening July 3, 2012