Friday, May 25, 2012

The Preposterous Hancock

A friend (Hey Chezon) asked me what I thought of Hancock (2008)  and...where to begin? Ok
let's start @ the beginning. 

As a life long comic book fan I'm always down for a superhero movie. As a life long black man (from birth yo!) I've been always on the lookout for a BLACK superhero! As a kid all we got was this Verb cat and Black Vulcan from the Super Friends. 
Black Vulcan
They did make the great cartoon Static Shock (2000), but we're talking live action movies here
In live action in the 90s we got motherfreekin Meteor Man (1993) and Blankman (1994) -__-
Posters for Meteor Man and Blankman
So I was really waiting for this black superhero, played by WILL SMITH nonetheless! 
Will Smith as Hancock
What we actually got started out cool enough but spiraled down into absurdity. The origin story was absurd as was the “villains”. I was expecting a formidable foe, but what we got was some convicts with a grudge? FOH. The “happy ending” with the “moon sign” was also preposterous. Hollywood has failed me again and again to bring me a black superhero I can appreciate and I’m about to give up, but Hancock? Epic fail!

@ Wikipedia
Meteor Man
Static Shock
Black Vulcan

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