Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blue Caprice — Mini Review

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#nfotd #BlueCaprice was dark and methodical just like I suspect the real killers were. 

The film focuses on the relationship of the two killers from beginning to end. The film is stripped and scaled down, but I like a lot of what they did with it. The direction is really nice and the performances were really good. 

TEQUAN RICHMOND is really good hardly saying anything at all. Just observing and reacting. Cold and distant.

Isaiah Washington (left) and Tequan Richmond (right) in Blue Caprice

"Cold" could also describe ISAIAH WASHINGTON, but he was also much more. His character was like the picture dark and methodical with a bunch of simmering rage thrown in. He could've easily mad this a "mustache twirling villain", but didn't. 

BLUE CAPRICE was a good character piece that doesn't try to explain the killers, it just showed you what their relationship was like and how twisted it was. 

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