Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[VIDEO] 'Good Times' and the Importance of Fathers

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[VIDEO] #GoodTimes and the importance of FATHERS. 
This show lost so much when John Amos left. Yes it was show business crap, but the strength of the show was the INTACT #BlackFamily. This small clip shows you that as a boy all that tough talk ceases if daddy says no. Pretty much as simple as that.  
In real life I think a lot of weak male adults (can't really call them "men") who beat women and such suffer from not only a lack of a father, but ANY positive adult male role models to foster their development. Arrested development is more than a R&B group from back in the day. It's a real syndrome. That lack of development leads to all kinds of societal problems.  
I'll get off my soapbox for this soliloquy could go on for days. Another great 1975 episode of 'Good Times' that's still relevant today. 

Read more about this episode @ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0590832/

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