Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prometheus - WOW

No I'm not still talking about how WOWED I was about the film, but I could LOL. I'm talking about the reaction and attention my review has gotten. In the 10 days since I posted it on June 11, 2011 my Prometheus - The Cool Black Review AND Explanations (pictured below)

has gotten over 2,100 hits! I have NEVER gotten that many hits in this little of time on one of my reviews.I want to THANK anyone and everyone who has read the review. That goes to show you boys and girls, a review I didn't want to write in the first place is now one of my popular ever. *dankshrug*

You can read more of my reviews of independent films that did not have the marketing budget of Prometheus by clicking the graphic below

Of course you can check out the heralded (LOL) Prometheus review here 

As of 6/25/2012 8:43 AM exactly two weeks since publishing over 4,200 hits

Even though I talk about all the spoilers in my review and explanation, if you liked the film there is a ton more info linked in my Prometheus - Spoiler Room

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