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Taken 2

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'Taken 2' trailer reminds us why we love Liam Neeson
By John Couture-VideoETA
June 21, 2012 

If there's one film in the last five years that surprised me more than any other, that would be Taken. I went into the film completely expecting to hate it and couldn't have been more wrong by the time the credits ended.

Had you told me before watching it that in the future, I would actually be anticipating its sequel, I would have called you mad. But yet, here I am and so too here is the first footage from Taken 2 by way of an international trailer.

I think the key behind the success of Taken was the simplicity of the story. Liam Neeson was driven by pure revenge to regain his daughter and the film was testosterone-driven crash course through some of the best action film clichés and some new ones that it created all on its own.

The CIA background on Neeson's character was shady at best and really did it matter? His daughter was kidnapped and he was going to kick all the ass that he could until he got her back.

So, the sequel could have gone two routes in my mind. It could have followed Neeson's character independent of his family as the events of the first film would have re-ignited some sort of buried desire to get back into the business. Or it could have concocted another forced scenario in which one of his family members is kidnapped.

Surprisingly, they decided to go with the latter and from the first look, I think it's safe to say they "chose wisely." The trailer sets up a vengeance tale from the father, or crime boss, of Liam Neeson's victims in the first film point of view. It also appears that Neeson and his wife get taken this time, although his daughter is still in the picture.

Taken 2 is one of those films that have flown under the radar this year and Fox hopes that its late Fall release will be enough distance between it and Liam Neeson's bomb Battleship. As it stands Taken 2 is set for October 5 release.

The trailer is below


A graphic I made. LOL

Liam Neeson's 'Taken 2' Paycheck: $10 Million

Liam Neeson in "Taken 2"

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