Monday, July 30, 2012

Dexter Script Update #3 - Quotes & Tweets

The people who follow me on Twitter that I've been updating my random thoughts as I develop the spec teleplay for the show Dexter. Below is just a tad of what I've been tweeting.

July 2, 2012
I found this quote via Twitter last weekend and LMAO. It is perfect as I continue to formulate ideas for the Dexter Script.
I have also been doing major work on the background for Dexter's antagonist for the story. 

Fans of the show know that Dexter does not kill with reckless abandon, he lives by a "code" and does his own investigation to determine the guilty before he delivers his own brand of justice.  Having a predetermined extensive background on the antagonist will make it easier to incorporate those facets into the script. Otherwise I would have to stop the flow of dialogue and think of those aspects as I write. 

So far the script development is chugging right along and I'm thinking of new ideas daily.

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