Friday, July 6, 2012

That Tyler Perry Quote

The below quote got MUCH discussion @NotherBrother You wrote, directed and produced Madea's Witness Protection. Do you foresee a time when a young filmmaker can direct a Tyler Perry production?

PERRY: I'd love that. I'm looking for them. I actually have a film coming out called We the Peoples that is written and directed by Tina Chisholm. It comes out sometime next year. She is one of the first directors that I am fostering. I'm looking for them but they've got to have the right spirit. I'm not looking for arrogance or ego and I'm not looking for people coming with their nose up in the air because they went to NYU film school and they've done this and that. They have to have respect for the guerilla, grassroots approach. I'm looking for people who are humble, hungry, and eager to learn and are also eager to teach. There are some young brilliant filmmakers out there. I would be excited to find them.

If you go to our timeline now July 6, 2012 you can read some of the discussion, but in Twitter fashion it will be lost in the tweets in a day or so.

The full article is here

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