Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why I Talk About Independent Films So Much

The tweet below is a fine example of a reply I got @NotherBrother Twitter account

There are some really nice independent films out there that don’t have a “Dark Knight type” marketing budget to publicize their films. While some may get some press recognition as well lots of people don’t read newspapers and magazines like that either.

In this era of Internet social networks it’s even easier to spread the word on a good film. I even started writing reviews for independent films that I liked on the blog for my production company (a selected few) because you need to know.

This is what I said about such a film A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy 
"I never even heard about this film before a friend at work recommended it. Months later, a friend of mine on Facebook mentioned it was good, I thought I like films, I like black films, I like the combination of the two, maybe I should watch this and I’m glad I did." (Read my full review of A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy here)

So if you like an independent film TALK ABOUT IT. Any good word is—a good word.

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